Flying Together Ual C

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Flying Together Ual C

Posted by Bruley Amia on Saturday, 8 February, 2020 09:59:58

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Please use for flying together United Airlines Employee acesss. You can login and check the company information and use it for communication. It provides access to UA company information systems and co workers can use this site to coordinate to perform the assigned task together and helps united airlines to serves its passengers better.

The Crew Lounge is a separate section located inside of Jumpseatnews. Membership to the Crew Lounge is free and restricted to United Airlines employees. It was created by a UAL flight attendant to provide assistance and support for other UAL flight attendants. Members of the general public may not access the Crew Lounge.

We airline folks are a unique group and RUAEA helps us keep in touch with our fellow UALers all arou nd the country! The yearly convention is a wonderful place to gather.get to know a up with folks you worked with SOMEWHERE in the world.and make new friends that speak the same language!

Important Notice - 1-800-UAL-LIST On March 3rd the 1-800-UAL-LIST automated number for listing on flights will be changed to United E-Pass, new phone number 1-866-359-3727. Look for step by step instructions on the Flying Together website under the Travel tab in the very near future on how to use the new E-Pass line and on

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