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Posted by Brien Allete on Thursday, 16 January, 2020 06:57:42

EXISTING ZIJA MEMBERS CAN CATCH THE WAVE BY FOLLOWING THESE STEPS: TO SHARE ACCESS CODES 1. Log into and become familiar with your Zija Back Office at myzija.com 2. Get your replicated website URL: username.myzija.com (or change your URL by clicking "Marketing" and then "My Replicated Site" in your Back Office) 3.

Description: Zija or Zija International is a legitimate multi-level marketing (MLM) company known for selling Moringa-based health and wellness products. One thing you need to know is that Zija products do not work for everyone, and most importantly, it is a supplement, not a prescribed drug.

Due to Microsoft's decision to discontinue its support of Internet Explorer, Zija will be mirroring this decision and allowing access to Zija websites only with a supported browser: Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

MY ZIJA OFFICE LOGIN. Enter your Username and Password in the fields below: Forgot Password? NEW TO ZIJA? To become a Zija Independent Distributor, get back with the person who introduced you to the product and the Zija opportunity. RESET YOUR PASSWORD.

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Zija will automatically process the renewal fee ($10) if the customer has been paid commissions in the last three (3) periods. If customer has not been paid any commissions during the last three (3) Periods, the customer will have to call Zija Customer and Distributor Support and pay the $10 ProPay renewal fee. Only Zija can renew a ProPay account.